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Montana Senate Bill 99 – YES!!!

States’ Rights is still a thing, and Senator Smith of Billings KNOWS it. I am so proud to be Born Montana… HELENA – A state panel on Wednesday heard a bill that would prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing any new future federal bans on firearms and magazines, even though lobbyists representing those groups oppose […]

Sunday at Mayport

Been awhile since I’ve been there. No crowd, in fact the base looked almost as deserted as a ghost town. Couple of ships in, wasn’t able to read a name and I don’t know the numerical designations (the one close to the road was 21, if that helps you any) – and no, I didn’t […]

What I do for fun on Friday evenings…

Mark Scudder is posting his recording sessions on youtube. There are a handful of us who show up to cheer and bother him via the chat feature there. He’s doing this on his own dime, with as much help as this little bunch of groupies can manage, which is minimal. I love being a part […]

Defenders of the Free World…so to speak…

From the Goatlocker: Boy, that was a real downer… The Old Man coming on board and gathering all the animals topside, forward of the sail… Guys with steaming cups of coffee in ratty foul weather gear with the COB yelling, “Knock it off! Pipe down ladies… Knock it off… The Captain has an announcement… Settle […]

Millinocket Marathon And Half

You’ve GOT to see these pictures. The red building on the left in this picture, taken at the start/finish line on Penobscot Avenue, is the lodge where I worked all summer.

SEPTEMBER 11 – 2001 AND 2012

Originally posted SEVERAL years ago. September 11, 2016 · by kcduffy · in Blair Nation, Heartache, Heroes, Paco Nation, Taking Back America, Traitors and Patriots, WOLVERINES! · 4 Comments ·Edit   PROJECT 2996 Remembering: James D. Cleere I found a reprint / repost of a Washington Post list of House Document No. 107-285, Commemorative Joint Meeting […]

I’m back in Jax, so…pictures!

I left the Hiker Hostel on Saturday, after fixing one last breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits, and oatmeal to go with the french toast and juice and coffee made by Leigh and Duffy. Me and the cat stopped for the night in Macon – I got a dose of the flu early in the week […]