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Independence Day 2017

Here in NEFL, it’s hot as blazes. Cools all the way down to 86F at night. Bleh. So…no picnic in the park or even beach time for us…I hate crowds and I hate hot weather. Staying home seemed a reasonable idea to me. Well, I fixed Duffy bacon and eggs for breakfast, then showered and […]

I don’t cheer for either team, I don’t admire either team…except at a time like this…

It’s Finally Here!!!

Padres at the Mets, 1:10 Eastern…I’ll be ‘there’ thanks to the miracle of computers!

BayBears at Suns – Billy the Marlin

The Jacksonville Suns are AA team for the Miami Marlins. Billy is the ultimate professional – he signed caps & bats, posed for pictures, worked the crowd…it was very nice to see.

BayBears at Suns

It was Southpaw’s birthday at the Suns game- all his mascot friends showed up!

FABulous Friday…well, better’n last week, that’s for damn sure.

I have an appointment Monday to see about ruling out things that cause symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. I seem to have what are known as flare-ups whenever something emotionally upsetting comes along. I can’t just be upset, I gotta get FREAKY about it??? Sheesh… If that’s what I have, there are no cures and very […]

Ah, baseball…

I like baseball. I am not a fanatic, I can’t quote stats unless it’s something I just read that stuck with me. I LIKE baseball. Hate watching it on tv since I left SoCal – Channel 4 broadcast the Padres games and did a bangup job of it, not finding it necessary to show me […]