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Sunday at Mayport

Been awhile since I’ve been there. No crowd, in fact the base looked almost as deserted as a ghost town. Couple of ships in, wasn’t able to read a name and I don’t know the numerical designations (the one close to the road was 21, if that helps you any) – and no, I didn’t […]

Happy Happy Happy!!!

On this day in 1986 – about 5 minutes ago, to be precise – my Lovely Daughter came into this world, and changed my life forever. I don’t have the words to tell you what a blessing she’s been…she’s funny and smart and loving and kind…but also snarky – no idea where THAT would come […]

It’s SUMMER. Now. No matter what the calendar says.

Thursday I spent the morning getting my new vehicle, a 2000 Honda CR-V. Think I have a buyer for the Dakota, too. Made a quick grocery trip and ran the vacuum, and VIOLA! My little family pulled into the drive just about time to leave for supper at McQuire’s Irish Pub. The kids all love […]

Public Service Announcement on Aloha Friday!

My menu – on the blog, that is – has changed…and is changing. At least one of my blog links has a new address, and I’m checking to see if any others are dead or dying or different. I have to go do some laundry, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a […]

Florida Trail, western terminus!

The hiking around Pensacola is probably my favorite in the entire state of Florida, with a small nod to Arbuckle just because of the people I love who hike there. Here is where I live, so here is where I hike. Good stuff. Last Saturday we tried to go on a guided hike at Naval […]

It’s 2014…

I have some pictures to post, but not going to get them done before we leave for Jax tomorrow. I hope y’all are staying warm and dry, as WINTER seems to have arrived in most of the lower 48. Take care, see you when I see you! If you watch this in slow motion, you […]

Second Home…

Pensacola Beach This was taken at sunset, on my first trip to the National Seashore at Pensacola. Bay on one side, Gulf on the other…which you can’t see in the picture. It reminded me of my beloved high plains… I’ve been back once since then, and am going again in two weeks. Love it!