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Independence Day 2017

Here in NEFL, it’s hot as blazes. Cools all the way down to 86F at night. Bleh. So…no picnic in the park or even beach time for us…I hate crowds and I hate hot weather. Staying home seemed a reasonable idea to me. Well, I fixed Duffy bacon and eggs for breakfast, then showered and […]

Let them eat…what?

Ah, nutritional perfection, as mandated by Big Government…what’s not to love. Todd Starnes tells what’s not to love…read the column here. “My friend, the Southern Humorist Shelley Rushing Tomlinson, seems to think whole grain biscuits are a Communist plot. No freedom-honoring nation should force whole-grain cathead biscuits on their young, she told me.” Hat tip […]

Gluten-free suggestion for my Friend at A1A South!

According to America’s Test Kitchen, my good Friend the SwampWoman can again have a plate of spaghetti, with no disastrous side effects! Read about it here… GLUTEN-FREE SPAGHETTI Published November 1, 2013. From Cook’s Illustrated. Email Print We stomached plenty of mushy, gritty, and bland noodles to find a superior gluten-free pasta. OVERVIEW: Gluten is […]

Blogger Breakfast

Originally posted on A1A South:
KC (of Pixie Place II), her granddaughter, and I met for breakfast and a ceremonial exchange of eggs and dehydrated spaghetti yesterday. She gave me money, too, and I was so busily gabbing (imagine that!) that I forgot to give her change. I intended to hand her change over…

Cook’s Country

I’m pretty sure $3000/week is beyond our budget, but wouldn’t this be lovely… Originally part of a large dairy farm, this 200-year-old farmhouse (known locally as the Carver house) was completely renovated in 2007. The property includes a large horse barn, a dairy barn, an antique brick smokehouse, and a milk house. The house is […]


Gingerbread, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, was one of Mike Cassel’s favorite deserts. I don’t know if I can eat a whole pan, but would love to try this. Wonder if PPG members would eat the leftovers…and it’s America’s Test Kitchen, so it’ll be really good… Makes one 8-inch square cake, serving 8 to […]