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Hurricane Irma

I’m glad that’s over.  No damage at our house except a shutter that went walkabout. Lots of tree debris, and power still out. We are the lucky ones.   Advertisements

I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

The Cuban Pig is Dead. Finally.

Once again, certain citizens of this country get it not just wrong, but sickeningly disgustingly unforgivably wrong. Sorry he’s dead? Nope. Hope his last days were miserable? Yep. Sorry he lived so long? Yes. Sad for his family and ‘supporters?’ Nope. Hoping there really is a Hell for him to burn in? Betcherass. From National […]

Sugarbeet Festival returns to Chinook – Havre Daily News

The 12th annual Sugarbeet Festival in Chinook will take place Friday and Saturday and will include new events such as the train derby, and storytime Source: Sugarbeet Festival returns to Chinook – Havre Daily News

I’m back in Jax, so…pictures!

I left the Hiker Hostel on Saturday, after fixing one last breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits, and oatmeal to go with the french toast and juice and coffee made by Leigh and Duffy. Me and the cat stopped for the night in Macon – I got a dose of the flu early in the week […]

Assorted pictures from our time at the Hiker Hostel…so far…

Giving Thanks!